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From The Queen Mother

Since it’s Mother’s Weekend—because one day is obviously not enough to adequately recognize and honor mothers—and since I am a mother, I have pretty much declared myself The Queen Mother of this weekend (at my house, at least). Look, it’s not like I’m asking anyone to bow at my feet, or massage my feet, or… Continue Reading

Letting In Light

It has been said that anyone who survived childhood has enough material for a novel–or ten. (Flannery O’Connor has said that many a bestselling novel could have been prevented by a good teacher.) While I believe this to be true, I have to admit that it sounds easier than it is, at least in my… Continue Reading

Hard Learned Hair Lessons

In honor of the cutie-pie-creation of this dust jacket for my new novel (coming soon!), I am sharing a few hard learned lessons under the all important heading of Good Hair: 1.) Wearing Dorothy Hamill’s haircut will not fool people into thinking you are Dorothy, just like wearing napkin rings around your wrists will not… Continue Reading


I couldn’t think of anything much to blog about this month because I’ve been holed up at home, writing. I thought about getting out. But then I looked outside and it was still February. So I began looking around my little writing hole, for inspiration. Here’s what I found: This photo of the house where… Continue Reading

Happy New Year to the New Bride!

Our beautiful (inside and out) niece, Erin, is getting married this weekend, and there are so many things I want to tell her! So here goes: 1.) You’re marrying a man. Therefore – and hold onto your hair here! – your husband thinks, speaks, and acts like a man. 2.) For your information, men do… Continue Reading

Something to Look Forward to

So many people are understandably sad this time of year. Tradition and change collide during the holidays, when traditions are similar enough to remind us of previous years, yet change makes us miss days gone by, people we love and miss. Since last Christmas was my husband’s first Christmas without both of his parents, I… Continue Reading

Danville Admirals Marching Band Rocks!

I have written many love letters to the state of Kentucky, but this one is for the city of Danville and the Danville Admirals Marching Band. Thanks to my daughter’s involvement in the marching band this year, I’ve learned that marching bands work every bit as hard as football and basketball teams – maybe even… Continue Reading

At the Risk of Sounding Crazy er…

“Help” is the prayer I pray most often, both for myself and others. In my experience, although this is a prayer that’s always answered, it’s rarely answered how and when I think it should be. “How” isn’t usually a problem for me. Most plans are better than mine, so naturally God’s plans are always better.… Continue Reading

The Perfect Friendship

Have you ever noticed what perfect friends pets make? That’s because our pets can’t talk, which makes our friendships with them pretty one-sided. If our dog, or cat, or hamster could talk, they would almost certainly say something to make our relationship less…agreeable – something like, “Enough about you and your problems. I’ve got REAL… Continue Reading

Stop the Clock

While we were building our current home, my family and I stored most of our possessions. Then, a little over a year later, these things were delivered to our new house. What a happy day! It was like Christmas in August, each carefully packed box revealing something precious that we’d forgotten we even had. Among… Continue Reading