Monthly Archives: August 2009


The good news is that our new house was completed in August and we got to move into it! (I now have my very own office, in which to write!)

The bad news is that I didn’t have time to write in August. I’d never seen so many boxes gathered in one place in all my life! They arrived at our new house in waves, coming from Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia—yes, we stored stuff across three states—until I couldn’t imagine that there were anymore boxes left in the world!

So what, right? Just sit down and write. Um, yeah, I can’t do that. For me, sitting down to write among boxes is like trying to relax in one of the rooms on Clean House—before Niecy Nash and her team arrive to save the day! Everything has to be just so for me—yes, yes, I agree that I might have just the slightest little touch of OCD—and how kind of you to point it out!

(As you might’ve guessed, there are no photos because I had no idea which box held my camera!)