Monthly Archives: August 2012


This morning, my husband pointed out some glitter that had fallen out of our daughter’s backpack on her way down the stairs. But I didn’t rush to get the vacuum cleaner. Instead I said, “Aawww, how cute! Our little girl left behind a trail of fairy dust—don’t our stairs look…magical?” Well, I think they do. So I’m leaving the glitter. Until I know someone’s coming over.

Unlike the upside-down curtains hanging in my bedroom, which are staying exactly as they are, even if I receive word that Queen Elizabeth is coming for high tea, and wants to tour our home afterward. Because my husband hung these curtains all by himself, as a surprise for me, on the day we moved into this house. Every time I look at them—hanging from the hems—I remember how proud he was to show them to me, and I think…Aawww.


If you ask me, perfection lies in imperfection—that’s where all the sweet stuff, the unexpected stuff, the human stuff is—the stuff that makes you say, “Aawww.”