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Happy Anniversary

I couldn’t find a card I liked — I never can when I really need to! SOOOoooo, here I am, in the hope that this will do:

Happy anniversary, with love and gratitude, to my husband who has — miraculously! — managed to put up with me for the past 15+ years, most of which have been happy, very happy.

Thank you for all the times you met me at the door, and wrapped me in warm towels straight from the dryer, when I arrived home trembling-cold and rain-soaked,

for all the times you held me and rocked me –when nothing more could be done — as I cried myself out,

for all the long, lazy days we’ve spent on the lake together, talking, planning, dreaming, reading and fishing,

for — and this is a big one — not letting me give up on becoming a writer, (after all those rejection letters, any husband in his right mind would’ve said, “Honey, I’m sorry: You’re not going to be a writer, just like I’m not going to be a rock star. Welcome to the real world. It’s time to focus on your real job.” And any wife in her right mind, even me, would’ve understood — and agreed.)

for letting me work without interruption –mostly — when I’m under deadline,

for letting me throw the occasional fit, without getting mad (he usually laughs — a lot),

for assessing and treating my wounds, when I can’t bring myself to look,

for holding my hand when we’re out in the world,

for paying attention and remembering, whenever I show interest in something, whether it be a book, a scarf, or a one-of-a-kind antique ring (he hunted that ring down, like it was his only purpose in life, a whole year after we saw it — I had forgotten it by then!)

for driving our daughter to school with the windows down and the stereo blaring, like a teenager on his way to a party,

for being one of those rare breeds of men who isn’t afraid to get out on the dance floor and have a little fun,

for making your way home, night after night, to eat dinner and play games with the family,

for being the kind of guy who sometimes brings strays home with him — cats, dogs, and people — and for loving the strays that I bring home, too,
for being full of ambition and motivation and fascinating new ideas all the time,

for being an honorable man, a man of integrity, even — and especially — when it’s hard,

for being calm and brilliant in the middle of all crises,

for loving my side of the family as your own,

and for making me laugh and laugh and laugh.

Thank you for all these things, for all these times, and more. Thank you for all these years. I love you.