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It all comes down to lunch.

In two weeks, my new novel, Lula Bell on Geekdom, Freakdom & and the Challenges of Bad Hair will be released. It took a dozen or so grown folks on both sides of the Mason Dixon, four years, and two dogs (dogs are very encouraging) to get to this point. And here we are. Lula Bell and me. All clean and pressed and ready to go. Standing on our front porch, looking out into the great, wide world, we feel hopeful. And just a teensy bit nervous.

It’s a lot like the first day of school: We hope we look okay and smell okay and don’t have anything stuck in our teeth. We hope we don’t embarrass ourselves. We hope nobody else will embarrass us either–by picking on us. (So far, so good. Our first review, from Kirkus Reviews said, “With an authentic voice, the wryly humorous Lula Bell contemplates life and the nature of true friendship with distinctive candor. Payne’s hopeful tale encourages readers to rejoice in what makes them unique.”) We also hope we won’t be alone. We hope we can find some old friends and make some new ones, too. Preferably both. By lunchtime. Because everybody knows that it all comes down to lunch, right? Hey, what are you doing over lunch? Because the best way to face this type of thing…

…is together.

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