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Dr. Snow White

SnowWhiteDentists get a bad rap. Perhaps some of them deserve it, but when we saw our dentist this week, I was reminded—again—that  our dentist certainly does not. So, today I am posting some reasons that I actually like going to the dentist. Yes, really. I do. Stop laughing!

1)      Our dentist, Dr. Susan Couzens, employs a super-friendly and helpful receptionist—and staff. While this might not seem like a biggie . . . just try to think of the last time you called a doctor’s office and were treated like anything but a total nuisance. (No? Not you? Just me? Okay, maybe I really am a total nuisance. I apologize to all my doctors’ receptionists.)

2)      She has a fancy coffee bar in her lobby—so no need to swing by Starbucks; I can just visit my dentist.

3)      She plays good music—cool music—in her office.

4)      She is beautiful, inside and out—and she generously shares her outer-beauty secrets whenever I ask. (I do what she says, but I can’t say for sure that it’s helping. Even so, inwardly, I tell myself, “Self, you’re looking more and more like Dr. Susan Couzens every day!”—which really improves my mood, so that even if I’m not pretty, well, at least I am pleasant. Mostly.)

5)      She has a soothing, gentle voice, which is matched by gentle, careful hands. Yes, really.

6)      There are huge picture windows in each exam room, where you can watch the birds and butterflies that gather around her office—I think she might secretly be Snow White.

7)      She calls our daughter “sweet angel” and even if she says this to every kid who comes through, it makes us all feel better somehow.

8)      More importantly, she says things like, “Now if you feel any pain at all, let us know, because there’s no need for you to be in any pain.” This is pretty much my motto. For life.

9)      She tells us funny stories while we’re in her chair. When we drool—or snot—on ourselves while laughing with a numb mouth, full of instruments, she cleans us up and commences with the next funny story.

10)   If you are cold, she will put a blanket over you.

11)   If you are scared, she will talk with you.

12)   If you ask her, she will pray for you. If you don’t ask her, sometimes she will still pray for you.

13)   If you are new in town, she will invite you to something. If you are an unhappy, unpleasant, or generally terrible person, she’ll invite you anyway.  She really will. Just like Snow White would enthusiastically invite Grumpy. (I don’t understand this myself, but I admire it. Also, it’s probably the reason she invites me to stuff.)

14)   Finally, on top of all of this, she really knows what she’s doing. Like, really really. She’s half doctor, half artist, for your teeth.

Need proof that our dentist is truly outstanding? Well, my husband sees her regularly, when he is firmly against dentists. All dentists. Everywhere. Except for Dr. Snow White.

She is a gift to dentistry and humanity, and I just love her. Yes, I LOVE my dentist. Hey! Maybe I should have bumper stickers made for all her patients: Honk if you love your dentist!


If you, too, love your dentist, tell him or her! Because dentists get a bad rap.

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