Katrina Williams

is just such a librarian.

KatrinaI first heard from Katrina, a librarian in New York, after she’d stayed up late one night reading Lula Bell on Geekdom, Freakdom & the Challenges of Bad Hair. She then generously took the time to email and tell me how much she loved the book, and that she was about to read my debut novel as well. When she finished that one, she emailed again, to tell me she’d loved it, too.

Katrina’s emails arrived with perfect timing. They lifted me when I was feeling down, scared and unsure about my future as a writer, at a time when I’d begun to wonder if maybe my work only had relevance in the South. I told her so. Katrina promptly set about writing and publishing reviews of my work in various places.

She is a go-the-extra-mile girl! For me, and for her students. She runs the biggest after-school book club I have seen so far, with whom I had the pleasure of Skyping. Every single one of her students was well informed, well prepared, well read, thoughtful and intelligent—and I knew right away that they had one outstanding librarian.

So, on behalf of her students, and myself, I say: Thank you, Katrina!

If you know an outstanding librarian like Katrina, email me at [email protected] and your librarian could be featured here!

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