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Readers Rock!

How so? Well, for starters, readers tend to be very well-traveled. For them, a trip to Venice, Paris, or New Orleans is as close as the local library. I, personally, have traveled the world many times over through books.
Also, readers are never alone–unless they choose to be. I always carry a whole cast of fascinating characters with me where ever I go. They make me laugh. They make me cry. They comfort me. They inspire me. They’re like friends. In my purse. (If you ask me, interesting people who fit into your purse and have no need for food, drink, bathrooms, or medication, are highly desirable friends.)
What’s more, I’ve learned almost everything I know by reading: how to cook, sew, grow a garden, build a pond, and yes, how to write. You can learn just about anything from books–except for maybe how to dance. If a reader can learn anything, then a reader can do anything–except dance, of course.
For example, I have a friend who once needed $3,000 worth of repairs on her car. She didn’t have the $3,000. So, she spent $30 on a book about how to repair her car and did it herself! (This particular reader can probably dance, too–she’s just that kind of girl.)
The point? There’s no limit to where a reader can go, the kinds of people they can get to know, or what they can learn and accomplish! The more we read, the more we know, the better we do, and the farther we go! The future only grows bigger, brighter, and more promising for readers.
For that reason, I’m partnering with Amazon to donate my new novel, Lula Bell on Geekdom, Freakdom & the Challenges of Bad Hair, to WorldReader. For every copy of the book sold by Amazon, another copy will be donated to children in the developing world. Additionally, Amazon is offering the hardcover at 75% off right now, so for $4.25, you get a book and you give a book! Books–and big, bright futures–for all! (Click here to purchase: Merry Christmas, dear readers! Rock on!

An Interactive Thanksgiving

Oh how I wish I could invite every single one of you to my house for Thanksgiving, so that I could thank you in person for your friendship, readership, support, and encouragement! I would feed you and fuss over you until both your belly and your heart are full to bursting–and then I would load you up with… Continue Reading

I would’ve called you but . . .

I’m busy showing you how much I love you. See, like most children of the South, I was raised not to be bothersome to other people–outside of my own home. In public, I was taught not to trouble anybody by asking for anything (I could accept whatever might be offered–a drink, for example, but I… Continue Reading

It all comes down to lunch.

In two weeks, my new novel, Lula Bell on Geekdom, Freakdom & and the Challenges of Bad Hair will be released. It took a dozen or so grown folks on both sides of the Mason Dixon, four years, and two dogs (dogs are very encouraging) to get to this point. And here we are. Lula Bell… Continue Reading


This morning, my husband pointed out some glitter that had fallen out of our daughter’s backpack on her way down the stairs. But I didn’t rush to get the vacuum cleaner. Instead I said, “Aawww, how cute! Our little girl left behind a trail of fairy dust—don’t our stairs look…magical?” Well, I think they do.… Continue Reading

The Magic Words

Recently, I learned THE magic words, from my beautiful and brilliant friend, Rosemary. No, the magic words aren’t, “I love you,” although those are good words, too. No, they aren’t, “I’m absolutely wrong and you’re absolutely right,” although these are also among my favorite words to hear—but not to say—ick! Basically, Rosemary was running down… Continue Reading

Lula Bell Takes Manhattan!

Hey, y’all! Lula Bell Bonner here! Some call me the “protagonist” of C. C. Payne’s new novel, Lula Bell on Geekdom, Freakdom & the Challenges of Bad Hair, but I prefer “star”. Actually, I really prefer “super-star”! What? You don’t believe that I’m a star? I am totally a star. Why, here I am at… Continue Reading

From The Queen Mother

Since it’s Mother’s Weekend—because one day is obviously not enough to adequately recognize and honor mothers—and since I am a mother, I have pretty much declared myself The Queen Mother of this weekend (at my house, at least). Look, it’s not like I’m asking anyone to bow at my feet, or massage my feet, or… Continue Reading

Letting In Light

It has been said that anyone who survived childhood has enough material for a novel–or ten. (Flannery O’Connor has said that many a bestselling novel could have been prevented by a good teacher.) While I believe this to be true, I have to admit that it sounds easier than it is, at least in my… Continue Reading

Hard Learned Hair Lessons

In honor of the cutie-pie-creation of this dust jacket for my new novel (coming soon!), I am sharing a few hard learned lessons under the all important heading of Good Hair: 1.) Wearing Dorothy Hamill’s haircut will not fool people into thinking you are Dorothy, just like wearing napkin rings around your wrists will not… Continue Reading