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Kitchen Dancing

This is what we, in the Payne family, call “kitchen dancing”. It happens some nights, after dinner. (Yes, I know: Our neighbors just don’t know how lucky they are that we have invested in window coverings! Please keep this in mind, neighbors, when our grass is a little too long, or we haven’t watered as… Continue Reading

Give ’em some love, y’all.

A call came in from my daughter’s school a couple of weeks ago while my daughter was at school. No, my daughter wasn’t sick. No, she wasn’t in any sort of trouble. No, there was no problem whatsoever. So, basically, I was tricked into answering the phone. After The Phone Incident, I called my husband,… Continue Reading

I Don’t Do Windows

I don’t do windows. Scary, right? Happy Halloween! (Relax, Mom. This window isn’t actually mine. I took this photo at Waverly Hills Sanitorium — one of the top ten most haunted places in America. And I’d just like to point out that by comparison, all my windows are sparkly clean. Yeah, by comparison, I’m practically… Continue Reading

Remembering Mama Joy

You probably shouldn’t read this. I’m not feeling very fun or funny or even slightly entertaining these days. I’d pretty much decided not to blog, but then I thought my parents – and perhaps a few prison inmates – might worry and wonder what had become of me. (Thank you for your concern, parents and… Continue Reading

Are We Still Doing This?

Today is my daughter’s first day of eighth grade. At this very moment, I’m picturing her sitting in a classroom, writing an essay entitled “What I Did This Summer”. Actually, now I’m picturing kids all over the country, all over the world, bent over their desks, hard at work on their “What I Did This… Continue Reading

Were You at WalMart Last Night?

Were you, by chance, at WalMart last night? Because I was, and it seemed to me that everybody else in the world was there, too. Of course, we were all there for the same reason: to buy school supplies. But since I hate all shopping and put it off as long as possible – until… Continue Reading

Random Thought Thursday

Guess what, friends? It’s Random Thought Thursday! (What? That is totally a thing. Because it’s my blog and I’m making it a thing. Today. It’s called Artistic License, people. Take some for yourself. Really. Go ahead. I don’t mind. What? It’s Saturday? Well, I’m calling it Thursday. Artistic License, I tell you. Stop being so… Continue Reading

I Highly Recommend Oars

Over the Fourth of July weekend, my family and I hopped in our boat and headed up to a nearby marina for dinner on the lake. It was nice. UNTIL we started home. Our engine sputtered and coughed like it was dying a painful death, and then…it died. So, there we were floating in the… Continue Reading

Hooray for Summer!

10 Reasons I Am Loving Summer: Kentucky mornings… The canopy of leaves on my favorite stretch of road… The occasional rainy late afternoon nap… Kentucky evenings… Local farmers’ market… Fairs and festivals… Just this morning, my daughter hopped on her bike and joined a parade! Fireworks! My daughter’s stage debut as a swan — Aaaaawww!… Continue Reading