Both Sides of the Story

It’s been a very educational few weeks for Peach and me.

This is Peach.
This is Peach.

My take:          Puppies really can’t hold it. So, should you stop to get a robe or some slippers on your way to the door at the crack of dawn . . . you might as well stop to get your carpet steamer, too. (I apologize to all the neighbors who have seen me outside in my pajamas—or less. Really, REALLY sorry. From now on, I’m going to sleep in my clothes. You’re welcome.)

Peach’s take:   Couldn’t we deal with Mom’s baldy problems AFTER I potty? Honestly, I don’t know why she removed her fur in the first place. She is one strange-looking dog.

My take:          You should not close your eyes while rinsing shampoo out of your hair in the shower.  Because  when you open them, the puppy will be gone. With your razor. This is also why you should not shower naked.  (I apologize to my family for streaking and shrieking through the house. And for leaving puddles.)

Peach’s take:   I was HELPING! Because bald is NOT the new black! Stop shaving your fur, Mom!!!

My take:          If you open a can of tuna in front of a puppy whose diet consists primarily of salmon, that puppy will assume you’re fixing lunch. For HER. So, when you commence eating HER tuna, she will LOSE. HER. MIND.  (We now call tuna “hissy fish.”)

Peach’s take:   Mom is very bad at sharing. She won’t share her lunch or her dinner or her slippers—and she has TWO identical slippers—perfect for sharing!

My take:          Puppies have only two gears: HIGH and OFF (also known as AWAKE and ASLEEP).

Peach’s take:   When in OFF, keep your sister close . . .

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. . . and your toys closer.

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My take:           BUT! Puppies are cute, warm, and cuddly, and they smell SO good—like sunshine and happiness! So, all in all, I’d have to say that as long as you keep your clothes on, at ALL times, and forgo the hissy fish, puppies make the best presents! Which reminds me! It’s almost my Birthday Week! Yay!

Peach’s take:   While I can’t say that my (baldy-dog) mom is exactly cute, she IS warm and cuddly and she smells pretty good—Laundry Day is my favorite.

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So, all in all, moms are good. But they should DEFINITELY keep their fur on. And learn to share. I’m still training mine.

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