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The Gift of a Good Story

Looking for a special gift to give to a young reader? My latest novel, LULA BELL ON GEEKDOM, FREAKDOM & THE CHALLENGES OF BAD HAIR promises laughter, tears, laughter THROUGH tears, and ultimately a heart full-to-bursting with joy! Plus, if you buy a copy of LULA BELL…(or SOMETHING TO SING ABOUT), I’ll happily send you a… Continue Reading

The Woman Whisperer

A week ago, when our beloved niece came to visit, we were all hanging out in the kitchen talking about foreign languages. Suddenly, my husband announced, “I speak Woman.” For a moment, there was only stunned silence. Then, I turned from the stove and said very gently, “No, sweetie, you don’t.” “You really don’t, Daddy,”… Continue Reading

DEFCON Birthday Cake

Last Saturday, I filled out some forms on which I was forced to write that come fall, our daughter, Laurel, would be a (gulp) … SENIOR in high school. (Personally, I think this is a very rude question for the form-making people to include—it’s far worse, far more painful, than someone asking me MY age!)… Continue Reading

Winter’s Gifts

I always feel disappointed, like the best of winter has passed, when we have to take down the Christmas decorations. (Let’s face it: everything is better with twinkle lights!) I forget that winter still has some gifts to offer. Until snow begins falling; the roads disappear; school is called off, and my family and I… Continue Reading

The Stages of a Terminal Writer

Every time one of my manuscripts goes out on submission, time slows. During that VERY slooooow period, here is my general process (which I’ve now completed. Again.): Week 1: Feel incredibly blessed to get to do the work I love. Excited and hopeful, as I tend to all the things that I’ve neglected for months… Continue Reading

You’re Gonna Fall

My family and I spent last week on Cherry Grove Beach in South Carolina, where I quickly forgot that I am 41-years-old. Apparently. My 16-year-old daughter, Laurel, and I enthusiastically picked out skimboards on Day 2, bought them, and were determined to be skimboarding by the end of the week. Then, we went straight to the beach. Where… Continue Reading


Remember how Wonder Woman had those special power-bracelets? Yeah, well, these are my special power-pumps.  Granted, they don’t give me flying power, or zapping power, or any kind of special power. In truth, I can’t even power-WALK in them. Fortunately, they aren’t for power-walking; they’re for power-SITTING. Unfortunately, I have seriously overestimated my ability to get back to… Continue Reading

Both Sides of the Story

It’s been a very educational few weeks for Peach and me. My take:          Puppies really can’t hold it. So, should you stop to get a robe or some slippers on your way to the door at the crack of dawn . . . you might as well stop to get your carpet steamer, too. (I… Continue Reading

The Wednesday Family

Every Wednesday for a year now, these girls have gathered with each other and me, for dinner and church. Over dinner, we share our highs and lows of the week, as well as what’s on our minds and hearts. This is where we work it all out. This is where we gather advice, perspective, support… Continue Reading